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Guylian Opus Assorted Chocolates 90 g


Finest belgian chocolates

8 finest belgian chocolates per box

8 flavours

Each guylian chocolate masterpiece is named after a famous opera

Presented in a beautiful gift box


Coffee Cardamom

Dark chocolate ganache infused with delicious coffee, made with the highest quality cocoa beans and finished with subtle cardamom.

Caramel Pineapple

The softest caramel filling, supplemented with chopped pineapple pieces and finished with an infusion of lemon.

Crunchy Hazelnut Praliné

A crunchy marriage of Guylian’s original Hazelnut Praliné, made with hazelnuts of the highest quality and the finest Quimper wafers.


White chocolate cup, filled with the smoothest almond praliné and mocka cream, made with the finest coffee beans.

Signature Hazelnut Praliné

Guylian’s famous Hazelnut Praliné filling, enrobed in the finest Belgian milk chocolate.


A silky ganache of Belgian white chocolate with fresh raspberry and an exciting touch of pink pepper.


Pure chocolate ganache combined with a surprising taste of orange coulis, finished with orange peel pieces.

Almond Praliné

A milk chocolate cup, filled with the creamiest almond praliné filling, merged with caramelized almond pieces.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Mamake_Vanessa 27/06/2019

Gave it a try on Easter. Didn't know you could shop a gift online, and get it delivered and wrapped.

Ivy Chebii 12/06/2019

Got a Gucci purse for my mums birthday. I am happy she loved it.

Mercy Kirui 10/05/2019

Their new website looks good. Easy to shop. I was disappointed with the long response time.

Pascal Odhiambo 18/04/2019

Definately the best shop to purchase designer perfumes and watches. Cheers!!

DG 14/04/2019

I buy personalised Cards every year for friends and family - we all love them. If i didn't they would be disappointed. Ordering is quick and easy and the price is right.

Mwas Wa D 04/03/2019

They were able to deliver my custom Gift hamper. Problem they delivered 1 day late.

Charity Nekesa 02/29/19

Good delivery. I ordered my husband's anniversary gift in Kakamega and I received after 4 days.

Steve 02/24/19

Easy to shop!! Used it on valentines.
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